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Addressing challenges in access to training across key skills gaps through the development of online training materials and learner support

structural bioinformatics

As part of a national training needs review carried out by ELIXIR UK, a need for more scientific training was identified in the area of structural bioinformatics. nexaSTEM is now working with key groups in the UK structural bioinformatics community to develop workflow-based training materials. These are particularly designed to aid biological scientists to make use of computational approaches for the functional exploration of protein structure. Try the workflows using the links below:

learning & choosing statistics

Learning to use statistics properly, or even choosing the right approach when designing experiments remains a challenge for many. As part of theĀ StaTS project, nexaSTEM provides a site to help you take the next steps to improving your statistics skills by providing a signpost to information, resources and training opportunities. Key to this is our decision making tool, designed to help you think about the data you intend to collect from your experiments, and guide you on the selection of statistics approaches suitable for its analysis. (Try it by clicking here - or the logo)

finding bioinformatics support

Modern biology requires a team with the right people and the right skills. Finding the right bioinformatics training and expert support can be a challenge, so nexaSTEM (through its sister company Applied Exomics) developed a simple tool to help you. Bixophia is a one-stop-shop for finding appropriate bioinformatics training, coupled with a geographic (UK) search for local experts - offering a simple route to both up-skill and support the development of mid-career scientists in the workplace. (Try it by clicking here - or the logo)